Prep Transition Program

Calvary Christian College offers a wonderful transition program called ‘Ignite’ to assist Kindergarten children with the transition to Prep.

The program is available to all ELC Kindergarten children and runs each year from October through to November. Ignite consists of a number of informative and engaging events held at Calvary Christian College from parent information evenings to open classrooms and playtime events. The program provides children with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the College grounds, facilities and teachers giving them a sense of preparedness and belonging.

The College also partners with the ELC throughout the year by offering specialist lessons to our Kindergarten children. These specialist lessons are held at the College and include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Music, Health and Physical Education and access to the College Library (participation is dependent on your child’s booked days).  

Please note: If you are considering sending your child to Prep at Calvary Christian College following the completion of Kindergarten, please apply now. Prep classes at Calvary fill 18 months to two years ahead.