For a full copy of the Calvary Early Learning Centre Fee Schedule email the centre at elc@calvary.qld.edu.au.  The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is also available to eligible families.

Application Fee

A non-refundable Application Fee of $100 is charged per family for the processing of enrolment details. Bookings will not be finalised until this fee is paid.

Booked Days

Fees are charged two weeks in advance and statements are available on the Xplor Home App at anytime.  All booked days are charged for, including sick days and public holidays.  In most cases, your CCS portion of the fee is still applicable for sick days and public holidays as each child is allowed up to 42 allowable absences per financial year.  Please contact the family assistance office for more information regarding CCS.


You must fill out a Holiday Notification Form and submit it at least two weeks prior to any holidays taken or the full fees will be charged.  This includes school holiday periods.

A holiday holding fee of 50% of your child’s normal booking will apply for holidays taken, other than the two weeks for which we are closed at Christmas time.

The holding fee of 50% ensures that your child’s place in our Centre will be kept.  Holidays are considered to be an ‘allowable absence’ for which the CCS will be paid as long as the 42 day limit has not been exceeded.  In the instance that the 42 day limit has been exceeded, the CCS component of holidays will not be applicable and you will be charged the full 50% of your child’s normal booking.