Kindy Kangaroos

Children who turn 4 years on or before June 30 in the current year are eligible to attend our Kindergarten program. At Calvary Early Learning Centre, we have two Kindergarten rooms - Kindy Kangaroos 1 and 2.

Our Kindergarten program is an ‘Approved Kindergarten Program’ that operates from 8.00am to 4:00pm on four days a week only (teacher has non-contact time on least booked day – usually Mondays). This program is delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Children in attendance outside of these hours will still be in the capable and caring hands of qualified Early Childhood Educators.

Kindergarten children will have access to specialist lessons at Calvary Christian College depending on what days they are booked in. The lessons provide a natural transition to Prep/School world and include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Music, Library and Physical Education.

Early childhood is filled with enjoyment, wonder and learning. It’s a special time for children to be themselves and make meaning out of their world through connections, interactions and experiences. Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is complete with fun and discovery where children are free to do what they love to do – play, laugh and learn! 

We believe that a child’s sense of wellbeing has a significant impact on their early leaning journey. Children thrive in a safe, warm and enriching environment. Our ELC provides this and more, making the transition from home to care exciting and enjoyable for both students and parents.

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