About Us

Early childhood is filled with enjoyment, wonder and learning. It’s a special time for children to be themselves and make meaning out of their world through connections, interactions and experiences. Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is complete with fun and discovery where children are free to do what they love to do – play, laugh and learn!

We believe that a child’s sense of wellbeing has a significant impact on their early leaning journey. Children thrive in a safe, warm and enriching environment. Our ELC provides this and more, making the transition from home to care exciting and enjoyable for both students and parents.

Our Centre has three bustling rooms overflowing with laughter, learning and friendships – Junior Joeys (from two years to Kindergarten age) and Kindy Kangaroos 1 and 2 (four years on or before June 30 in the current year). In these rooms the children are free to be themselves in a safe and secure environment.

Kindergarten children are provided with additional opportunities to assist with a comfortable and natural transition to Prep. This includes participation in specialist lessons at Calvary Christian College, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Music, Health and Physical Education and access to the College Library. Our educators work closely with the Calvary Christian College Prep team to ensure each child feels prepared and supported for their entry into the Primary College campus. If you are considering sending your child to Calvary Christian College following the completion of Kindergarten, please apply now. Prep classes at Calvary fill 18 months to two years ahead. 

Calvary Christian Early Learning Centre is a fully licensed and accredited Childcare Service with Child Care Subsidy (CCS) available for all eligible families. The Centre is currently using the QSA Kindergarten Learning Guideline to inform our practice. This document has been derived from The Early Years Learning Framework, a new National initiative for all Childcare Centres across Australia.